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Boundaries Workshop

Master the Art of Parenting with Effective Boundaries

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Join us for a dynamic and enlightening 2-hour parenting workshop that delves into the fascinating world of boundaries and borders in the context of Adlerian psychology. This workshop aims to equip parents with practical tools and insights for fostering healthy relationships with their children by understanding and implementing boundaries effectively. Through real-life scenarios, group discussions, and expert guidance, you'll leave feeling empowered and confident in your parenting journey. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your communication skills and build a more harmonious family life.

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Cancellation Policy: It is possible to reschedule a date for an individual session if a message is sent via business WhatsApp 24 hours prior to the session and no later. If you missed a group session due to reasons beyond your control, please contact us to see if it is possible to make up the session at another time. Additionally, I will be happy to offer other parenting topics according to the schedule of parent meetings. Sessions are contingent on a minimum number of participants. No refunds will be given. Looking forward to seeing you!

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